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‘Sleep Easy’ French Lavender Pillow Spray

‘Sleep Easy’ French Lavender Pillow Spray

Do you struggle to sleep?

We have you covered with our ‘Sleep Easy’ French Lavender Pillow Spray?

Organic french lavender is scientifically proven to help you relax and sleep easy. We have blended lavender with bergamot, rose geranium, ylang ylang and frankincense organic essential oils to create a dreamy synergy and to encourage the best night’s sleep 🌿

For a natural remedy, we have carefully selected the best, gentle essential oils for a therapeutic bedtime blend that will have you in the land of nod in no time.

French Lavender is well known for its healing and relaxing powers. Bergamot is known for its calming and soothing qualities, rose geranium helps to balance emotions, ylang ylang is an effective sedative and frankincense is an anti-anxiety remedy 🌿

The Bonacciflo ‘Sleep Easy’ French Lavender pillow spray is a gentle and natural combination of relaxing and calming essential oils to encourage a night of perfect slumber.

The 50ml dark amber bottle maintains freshness for ages and the bottle is a good size to keep by your bed.

All organic, no synthetics, no nasties and the bottle can be reused or recycled ♻️

Our French Lavender Pillow Spray can be used around your room, on your pillow and your pj’s to promote a great sleep 💫

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